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Westend Knitwear: Irish Traditional Pattern Button Jumper

  • €8250

A blend of Irish traditions and contemporary style, this 100% Merino Wool sweater from West End Knitwear is a fine addition to the modern man’s wardrobe. The diamond pattern running down the outside of the sweater signifies wealth and success, while the cable stitches on the arms and front harken to the traditions of proud Irish fishermen. Accented by a row of three contrasting buttons, the modern styled collar can be worn open or closed, adding versatility and warmth. West End Knitwear was founded in 1957 by Molly Cullen, whose family knitting heritage reaches back for more than 100 years.Made from 100% Merino Wool. This mans button sweater is knit using traditional knitting patterns from Ireland. The use of cable, diamond and basket stitches link together traditional knitting for the modern day fashion conscious man. The subtle diamond knitting pattern along the outerside of the body is said to represent wealth and success. The traditional cable pattern on the front and along the arm symbolising fisherman's ropes unite the past with the modern day. The saddle shoulder gives the mans knitted jumper an extra bit of style. as too does the high rib buttoned collar that can be worn open or closed. Aran Crafts have used extra soft Merino wool making this jumper warm, stylish and practical. A must for the modern mans wardrobe.

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