Criostal Jewellery: Newgrange (large) – Hibernian Gifts
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Criostal Jewellery: Newgrange (large) - Hibernian Gifts

Criostal Jewellery: Newgrange (large)

  • €12000

Criostal Jewellery is designed and crafted by Michael Fanning, a designer and master cutter of crystal who has honed his skills during a 36 year career at Waterford Crystal. Each piece is individually hand made in Waterford City, Ireland and combines sterling silver and the brilliant sparkling effect of Irish crystal enhanced by each handmade facet. The dream was born from a much loved tradition of working with handcut crystal in a place synonymous for it and then fusing that time honoured craft with contemporary, stylish designs thus introducing a new fashion-forward era for Irish Crystal through jewellery. Criostal Jewellery provides a new application for a much loved heritage technique. The design of this piece was based on the sun rays, hence why it is called "Newgrange." Newgrange is a prehistoric monument in Co.Meath in Ireland. It is aligned with the rising sun and its light floods the chamber on the winter solstice. This unique piece is incredibly detailed and would make a lovely gift for someone or even as a little present for yourself. It is one of the largest pieces of Criostal Jewellery available.

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